Auroson, the First Aurochild and Most Iconic Member of Auroville

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Auroson, Auroville’s first and most iconic member, was born in the city-state on August 23, 1968, which happened to be India’s independence day (and also the birthday of Sri Aurobindo). He remained an important player in both the Auroville community and the Aurobindo Ashram as he grew up, and his contributions to society continue to this day. Here are 10 facts about this fascinating man that make him so special.

Meet Auroson

In 1964, a French physicist named Pierre Dehan founded a universal village in India. The new community was called Auroville (city of gold) and since its founding more than 40 years ago, it has attracted thousands of individuals from all over Asia who have come to learn about peace through an open-hearted way to live. One person who lives at Auroville is an interesting individual that people love meeting for his calming demeanor. He is affectionately known as Auroson or the first child of Auroville by many.

The meaning behind his name

The name Auroson is a combination of two Sanskrit words: aur which means light and as which means one. It therefore means Light One, describing that he was a manifestation of Divine Light (Sat-Chit-Ananda). The day he was born in 1964 on November 8th is also known as Deepavali for Hindus. His parents were instantly aware when he was born as there was intense vibration in that moment. His birth date can be seen as more than just an indication to his name; it’s also a celebration for all his life lived so far.

Where did he come from?

No one knows for sure where he came from, but many believe that he appeared out of nowhere. There is also a rumor that a band of ruffians from Padma tried to kidnap him when he was very young. Regardless of his origins, Auroson became famous at an early age after surviving being stabbed five times in public. He felt no pain throughout any of it, but did faint when everyone in attendance threw flowers into his open wounds (at his request). His life has been full adventure since then, including heading off to China with Mary Oliver and leaving Auroville for a time. Nowadays, he’s back in Aurvanadu.

How did he change as time passed?

During his baby days he was just like any other child. He had a smile that made everybody around him happy. It was a big surprise to all of us when in May 2018 at 8 months old he showed some interest towards watermelons and peanuts. We started experimenting with different foods by watching other children eating them. That’s how we noticed that what was making him happy or unhappy was not only related to taste but also texture, temperature and sight.

What can we learn from him?

Let’s face it. Auroson is our poster boy. He’s seen every part of life in a city built for inter-cultural exchange and self-development. And so much has happened during his short time on earth. So let’s get started…

Who are you in this same story?

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