EResults: Simple and Transparent Lab Results


EResults is an innovative new healthcare provider that takes the guesswork out of lab results by showing you your test results in simple, easy-to-understand terms rather than prescribing you a course of treatment. There’s no need to make multiple appointments or fill out confusing forms–EResults can send you your lab results right away. Sign up now to see how simple and transparent your lab results can be!

What is EResults?

Though there are other companies that offer at-home health testing, EResults is an innovative solution to acquiring these lab results. The process is simple: you order a kit online, collect your samples at home, mail them back in (free of charge), and then view your results online. They also have partnerships with many insurance companies that will cover a portion of your costs (if you qualify). This means that you get to manage all aspects of obtaining your lab results instead of waiting for a doctor’s appointment or making multiple trips to their office for various tests. I’m always impress when a business offers transparency about prices – it saves everyone time and money!

Real World Benefits

Patients want lab results fast, but they also want to be able to receive them securely via email. If that doesn’t sound complicated enough, patients also don’t want to have their personal information breached during transfer or storage. EResults has been developed by a team of doctors who understand both sides of these concerns—the health information management side as well as from a patient perspective. The security on EResults is undeniable, including encryption technology for both data in transit and at rest. Patient e-receipts are always provided immediately upon completion of processing—without breaching patient privacy—ensuring that each test result can be readily discussed with your physician at your next appointment.

How Does EResults Work?

How Does EResults Work?

When a patient goes to get their blood tested, their clinician sends them to an EResults clinic that is conveniently located near them. The patient gives EResults a drop of blood from their finger using one of EResults’ proprietary technologies that allows for instant lab results. In just minutes, they have lab results, free of charge and more accurate than ever before. They do not even need insurance. It is easy to see why EResults is taking healthcare labs by storm; it has all patients asking Why can’t my doctor’s office be like that?

How Do Physicians Benefit?

The technology behind eResults was created by physicians for physicians. Providing a new avenue to better track test results gives doctors more time to focus on their patients rather than paperwork. It’s an innovative concept that may seem foreign, but there are many benefits to cutting down on unnecessary lab appointments. Doctors can spend less time shuffling around medical files or collecting labs, which means they can dedicate more of their day to caring for people in need of medical attention. And when doctors have fewer patients, they also tend to make fewer mistakes, which equates to a healthier practice and better overall care.

Patients, How Can You Benefit?

EResults allows you to track your lab results throughout their processing. Using your individualized tracking number, EResults notifies you when your lab results are available for view, along with an estimate of how soon that will be. This is just one way EResults benefit patients. Remember, any medical information is sensitive information — it can have serious implications on your life. Since EResults uses cloud technology, there’s no risk of lost or stolen data as there would be with a paper form – and no need to worry about postage costs to send out forms (or collecting receipts from a variety of labs). Simply log in from any internet-enabled device using your secure password!

Why did you choose this approach?

EResults has shifted healthcare’s focus from lab results to people. Labs are only a means to get information; they don’t define patients or their care plans. Now, patients have access to all of their information—in one place—to track health and make informed decisions.

What’s Next for EResults?

EResults was a consumer-driven platform where people could easily get lab results. The goal is to provide patients with a means of managing their health and keeping track of labs such as blood work. EResults plans to add in more services such as online scheduling, online appointment making, appointments reminders, patient surveys. Along with an increase in services they plan on increasing research funding so that they can ensure that their website is one of quality for its patients (EResults Inc., 2016).