Space Movies That Came Out in 1992

Space Movies That Came Out in 1992

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If you’re looking to watch space movies that came out in 1992, you’ll probably want to check out the following four movies. Each of these movies was made in 1992 and they each focus on the theme of space exploration and travel, even if it’s through space travel or from outer space. All of these movies are great choices for your next movie night with family or friends if you just can’t decide what movie to watch.

Space Jam

A must for any true space movie fan, Space Jam is a light heart cartoon that features basketball star Michael Jordan as he’s suck into a little world of cartoons. There, he befriends Bugs Bunny and helps to win a basketball game against evil aliens. Fun fact: The film even featured an alien version of Larry Bird, who said It looks like I picked da wrong time to quit cheese. Despite widely regard as one of history’s best space movies, Space Jam still only managed a C- Cinemascore from moviegoers on its opening weekend. Critics were also lukewarm about it—and for good reason.

Silent Running

Silent Running
Silent Running

Release in 1972, Silent Running is an American science fiction film about a group of environmentalists who employ to maintain a number of plant species after Earth becomes too polluted for life. One member of their team, Freeman Lowell (Bruce Dern), is task with disposing of his trees when he decides he wants to keep them. He launches into space where he watches over them and falls asleep for 30 years until Earth has recover enough for people to return. When his colleagues wake him up, they realize their mission discontinue and Freeman must decide if he will follow protocol or do what’s right.

A Few Good Men

This Tom Cruise film is a courtroom drama, with some military action thrown in. The movie receive upon its release, but it wasn’t as popular as some of Cruise’s other films. It still holds an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes; however, considering that other space movies from 1992 have managed a much higher rating (like The Lawnmower Man, which has a 27% rating), that isn’t so great. This movie is the best suite for fans of legal dramas or Navy thrillers.

The Last of the Mohicans

In 1992, The Last of the Mohicans hit theaters. Directed by Michael Mann, it’s an adaptation of James Fenimore Cooper’s classic novel about American frontier life during and after the revolutionary war times. The movie stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Hawkeye, a white scout, and frontiersman who protects a British colonel’s daughter from marauding Indians, during an 18th-century conflict between British settlers and Native Americans. It also stars Madeleine Stowe as Cora Munro, Hawkeye’s love interest; Wes Studi as Magua; and Jodhi May as Alice: Cora’s companion.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

The Secret of Ooze is one of those movies that seems like it shouldn’t be a good movie, but for some reason, it just works. The writing and special effects are cheesy by today’s standards (especially compare to other space movies from 1992) but what makes it work is that everyone involve has fun with their roles. This really comes through when they talk directly to the camera in a few scenes, which adds an element of campiness to otherwise serious moments. If you are looking for an easy-to-watch classic, check out The Secret of Ooze. It still holds up even if you haven’t seen any other space movies from 1992.

Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, release in 1992, wasn’t an immediate hit with critics and moviegoers. But Quentin Tarantino is now consider a film genius—and Reservoir Dogs is often cited as one of his best movies. The gripping crime drama features Harvey Keitel as Mr. White, Michael Madsen as Mr. Blonde, Steve Buscemi as Mr. Pink, Tim Roth as Mr. Orange, Chris Penn as Nice Guy Eddie Cabot, and Lawrence Tierney as Joe Cabot. The movie follows these criminals who meet for their first heist after being set up by their boss (Tierney). A botched robbery leaves them to figure out who ratted on them before they all get kill by their boss. There are some truly shocking moments in Reservoir Dogs that make it a must-see for any Tarantino fan.

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

When you put on a pair of 3D glasses, it’s easy to get trick into thinking that your screen is actually popping out at you. And what movie do we associate with getting a better look at things that pop out at us? Space! And what year did Disney release Toy Story? Did Spielberg direct Close Encounters and E.T.? Was Independence Day written by Drew Godda (writer of Cloverfield)? These are all questions for an entire generation of budding directors who grew up on movies like Space Camp, Spaceballs, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. Let’s take a look back at one of those space movies from 1992, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.